A New School Year

2018-2019 Edition

We created this magazine to give you an inside look at a year at The New School. From sports and theatre to academics and everything in between, you can see what the students and faculty get to be a part of each day. In the students’ and teachers’ own words, you’ll read about what makes a year at The New School so special. You are an important part of The New School community and we want you to share these experiences with us.

We invite you to take an inside look at the 2018-2019 school year.

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Thank you to Kristina Code for doing the layout and design work for the print version of the magazine! She created all of the infographics you’ll see throughout the magazine site. You can find more of her work at: http://kcodedesigns.com/

Covers for the print version were designed by Surya Punjabi, Class of 2020:

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