Being the Athletic Director at The New School is something in which I take a lot of pride. Sports are a way for students to come together and really understand what it means to be a team. Our goal with New School athletics is to unite students of all skill levels in order to play a game, learn the values of working together and trusting each other, and have a ton of fun! I always find it especially rewarding when I see students from different grade levels learn each other’s names and start helping one
another to improve all on their own, without any prompting from coaches. Without fail, teams at The New School never cease to amaze me in how they always manage to bring out the best in our athletes.

Danny Pelsinger
Teacher // Athletic Director & Volleyball Coach
// Wellness Advisor


I remember when I first joined the volleyball team in 8th grade, I was so nervous. I did not know how to play and I could barely get the ball over the net. However, with a little encouragement from my teammates I got better and eventually fell in love with the game. This is probably what I am going to miss most about our team because no matter what, we encourage each other, win or lose.

Jillian Lanier
Class of 2019


Playing as a member of the soccer team has definitely helped transition an international student like me to smoothly become a part of The New School community. I was able to make new friends who spoke foreign languages through a common interest that is soccer and also through our many practices and games. I enjoyed the fun and exciting moments that we shared as teammates throughout the season. Being able to compete with other schools while representing our own was an honor for me. I was also on the soccer team for my previous school and becoming distinguished and recognized was a great achievement for me to head toward as the vice-captain of the New School team.

Khoi Tran
Class of 2020


Playing on The New School basketball team is a fun time because it’s a great way to meet new people and a way you can use some of the essential skills. In basketball, we use Problem Solving and Self Awareness & Management in games, which can help improve how we play as a team. Another reason to be on the team is that it’s one of the many ways you can be involved with the community and it will help you overcome shyness. I keep joining the basketball team because it’s a really fun experience to play at different schools and make lots of new friends.

Matthew Swiacki
Class of 2021


Before playing softball at The New School, I didn’t even know how the sport worked. When I tried for the first time, I felt it was really difficult to hit the small ball with a thin bat, so after school, I practiced and started to love the sound of the bat hitting the ball, which was very satisfying and made the sport enjoyable. Thanks to my practice, I got a hit in my very first game, and all of my hard work led to that success. I was so excited to hit the ball, that I didn’t even see where it went, and I just ran as fast as I could. My teammates cheered for me during the game and at Morning Meeting the next day. I didn’t think my accomplishment was very important, however, the school showed me that I should not worry and just enjoy celebrating with them. I encourage everyone to do their best to be brave, and if you have ever been afraid to try something new, give it a chance because you might end up having a great time.

Zongrun “Jimmy” Li
Class of 2023

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