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Alumni Events

Even after you’ve graduated, you are still part of The New School community. We want you to stay connected to everything going on here. One way for you to stay connected is by coming to alumni events!

A popular one is the annual summer Alumni Barbeque. It is a relaxing evening of food, fun, and friends. Take a look at some of the fun that happened at the summer 2019 BBQ.

We are always on the lookout for fun alumni event ideas. Have an idea for an event you’d like to attend or host? Email Noelle at and let us
know the types of events you’d like us to hold.

Community Support

In the spring of 2018, The New School transitioned to 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. This transition opened up brand new opportunities for the school. One of the biggest opportunities is that we can accept donations to use to supplement and bolster the school’s yearly budget. Donations from individuals, businesses, and foundations are put to work to improve every aspect of the school.

As the school enters its fourth decade, the ability to accept donations will allow us to continue to flourish, and will give us new opportunities to grow and expand our programs and resources. The teachers and students are the direct beneficiaries of these donations. Gifts will be strategically used in the best ways possible to support teachers and give them new and updated resources and professional development, and to support them in teaching their passions. They will be used to give students access to resources that can better help them be the people they want to be.

Being a nonprofit gives The New School even more ability to do what it was created for – to be a safe space where teachers and students can work collaboratively in the pursuit of students learning to use their minds well.

Noelle Andreano
Director of Development & Community Engagement

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