The Importance of Volunteers


No school year would be successful without the help of all of our wonderful volunteers. We can’t thank the parents, alumni, and students who volunteer their time and energy enough. Your support means the world to all of us. You help make the visions of the teachers and students become reality, and you help make sure important annual events go off without a hitch. No volunteer effort is too small. From bringing snacks for faculty meetings, to leading tours for prospective families, to organizing the after-graduation party, and everything in between, you contribute so much, and we can’t fully express how grateful we are. Thank you!

Parent Volunteer Perspectives

I became involved with The New School Parents group after having met a fun group of parents who were very involved in supporting the school. The parents support and participate in the school community through Field Trips, Back to School Night, Sports, Cappie’s, Open House Tours, Wednesday Snack, Science Fair, Graduation planning, Arts and Talent night, Community Service and Travel trips and more. Volunteering my time gave me the opportunity to be involved in the school community and gain friendships, give of my time, and talents to make the school a welcoming place for families.

Carol Traynor
Chair, New School Board of Directors
Alumni Parent, Classes of 2017 and 2019

Why do I volunteer at The New School? Well, first of all, I don’t volunteer that much. But I’ve gotten the impression that a little bit goes a long way in terms of impact and appreciation. To be honest, one of my main motives has been to get some exposure to my daughter’s life. I’m seldom at the school due to my work schedule. Last year I chaperoned a camping trip, because I support kids being in nature; I helped out at the gala auction because I couldn’t afford a ticket; and I served as an usher at graduation so I could check out the ceremony and support senior parents, just before becoming one myself. At each event, I was impressed by the meaningful connections between teachers and students. That’s truly the core strength of The New School, and I’m grateful for the love of learning and confidence it has instilled in my student. Last but not least, I volunteer at The New School and elsewhere because I love the power of community and many people coming together to make something special happen.

Kate Beddall
Alumni Parent, Class of 2020

A Student’s Volunteer Perspective

I’ve gone to The New School for two years, and since the year I started I very quickly became immersed in the various volunteering options. I turned right to the school store for my contribution. I’ve enjoyed it a lot, and have gone on to being manager of the store. I decided to volunteer initially to make friends, since I was a new student, and you will meet many people working at the store. However I continued with it still, because I enjoyed having a sort of brain child that I could change and organize. It continued to be a great way for me to make friends, and several new students became my friends after working with me at the store. Overall it’s been a very pleasant experience, and I will certainly continue with it.

Jamie Testa
Class of 2023

The Impact of In Kind Support

In kind donations are donations of items or services that are given at no cost to the school, and they are a big help each year. The student government is able to host celebrations like Thanksgiving lunch, the Halloween party, Pi(e) day, and more because of parents’ donations of food and supplies. How could we hold a pumpkin carving contest without pumpkins or a pie feast without deliciously baked pies?! Earth Day and the building of the pollinator garden couldn’t have succeeded without donations of gardening tools, plants, and other items that were used to cleanup and beautify the community around us. Donations of in kind items also provide the school with new or like new equipment that we may not otherwise be able to purchase. Thank you to all of our donors who support the school through donations of in kind items. Your impact is felt throughout the community.

Directly Supporting Students

New School teenagers love good food and hanging out with their friends which makes New School events lots of fun and great community activities. Although friendships cost nothing, food does, which is why parent donations, recipes and help are so greatly appreciated. School provided hot and tasty lunches are always party highlights and they wouldn’t be possible without parent participation. Dear Parents, PLEASE KEEP ON GIVING.

Emily Ocasio
Class of 2023

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