The New School Fund

The New School Fund was created to ensure that the school continues to offer the unique, creative educational environment that our students thrive in.  Voluntary contributions to The New School Fund support and advance The New School’s mission to help students learn to use their minds well and take charge of their academic lives.  Fundraising can play a significant role in program enrichment and the long-term health of the school.  Your generous support of The New School Fund will have a direct and measurable impact on the sustainability of our programs and of the school itself.  This support will continually enhance the experiences and opportunities offered to our students, giving them the chance to engage even more in purposeful learning.

All donations to The New School Fund support operating expenses and are an important source of unrestricted funds.  Unrestricted gifts are the most valuable to The New School because they allow us to focus on budget priorities to make each student’s experience the best it can be.  Every aspect of the school that each student is involved with can be strengthened by The New School Fund.  All gifts have a direct and crucial impact on each student’s ability to explore their individuality and discover their passions.

Just a few of the key elements The New School Fund can enhance are:

  • The number of scholarships and the amount of scholarship dollars awarded
  • The technology our students and faculty work with every day
  • Opportunities for professional development for faculty

As with everything here, it takes our entire community to sustain The New School’s unique and innovative educational experience and ensure that our students are able to build the strongest foundation possible for their future well-being.  Please join us in helping our students construct this foundation by supporting The New School with a gift to The New School Fund today.

We love visitors and welcome the opportunity to discuss in depth our one-of-a-kind program.

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