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A Unique Liberal Arts and Sciences Education

The New School is perhaps best thought of as a middle/high school version of a liberal arts college. Our students feel an exciting mix of freedom and academic challenge. The average class size is 10 students, and teachers and students are on a first-name basis and interact as colleagues. Most importantly, the learning is purposeful and guided by essential questions, projects, and reasoned dialogue that require students to think critically and creatively and master essential academic skills. A New School graduate is an autonomous, skilled learner: an individual who “owns” his/her education and is fully prepared for college.

Teachers and Students as Colleagues

Here, the teachers are highly skilled, intelligent, and dedicated to working with students; and the students in turn are active participants in their education.

Close Knit Community

The New School is small by design, with 120 students and 30 faculty members, all of whom are on a first name basis. We have an all-school meeting every day, and members of the community approach one another with mutual respect, goodwill, and trust.

Academic Choice

We believe students truly own their education when they have some control over what they learn and how they exhibit their understanding. Indeed, this is the model used by the most successful liberal arts and sciences colleges.

Fulfilled Students

“When I first came to The New School I felt that I could finally reach my full potential.” New School Students believe their time is well-spent and that they can grow into the people they want to be.

By the numbers

We love visitors and welcome the opportunity to discuss in depth our one-of-a-kind program.

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