Creativity and the Arts

People often describe The New School as creative. It’s true, we greatly value the arts, and we offer classes and extracurriculars in drama, dance, music, photography, film, digital arts and fine arts. Every student here practices the arts in some form.

At The New School, we believe that when the arts inform students’ lives, they are not only more introspective and skilled in craft, and more balanced in their lives, but more dynamic and innovative in their academic work as well.

So much of what we do at The New School involves creativity. Our program focuses on critical thinking–using one’s mind well–which for us means expressing an informed opinion, problem solving, and synthesizing information, rather than simply absorbing facts. At The New School, critical thinking is creative thinking.

Sample Classes within the Arts

  • Music Recording and Performance
  • Math in Art
  • Theater Tech
  • Theater Performance
  • Painting Studio
  • Drawing Studio
  • Photography
  • Architecture and Design
  • Sculpture
  • Digital Art
  • Film Appreciation
  • Designing for Theater
  • Chorus
  • The Meaning of Music
  • Dance Choreography

Yearly Events within the Arts

  • Middle School Play
  • Spring Showcase
  • High School Theater Performances

“I love the New School for its creativity, freedom and bringing fun into learning.”