Explore an education that unleashes your child’s potential


One of the best investments you’ll ever make as a parent is an education that transforms and inspires your child—the kind of learning that will impact their life in a meaningful and lasting way.

At The New School, we are committed to providing an education that nurtures every student’s abilities, and allows them to grow into their full potential. We invite you to explore the value and benefits of being part of our unique learning community.

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The Value of a New School Education

Since 1989, The New School has been empowering students to take ownership of their education. We offer a kind of learning that stands out — one that fosters deep thinking and passionate exploration, and builds habits of mind that will help your child succeed in college and in life.

An Education That Fosters Independence

At The New School, you’ll find an educational approach that empowers students to take the lead in their learning. It’s a place where teachers partner with students, paving a path toward academic success as they prepare for college and beyond.

A Community That Embraces Everyone

We are an inclusive school where students are encouraged to be themselves. Whatever their personalities, interests or styles, their voices are heard and their thoughts are valued.

A Culture That Inspires Growth

Our diverse course selections, clubs, and activities make The New School a place of vast opportunities to explore and grow. Our program emphasizes whole-person growth, both in and out of the classroom.

Searching for a private school in Northern Virginia?

As you learn more about private school tuitions and consider options, we encourage you to take a closer look at The New School by downloading our brochure.


Affording The New School

One of the most common questions that families ask when considering a private school is, “Can we afford it?”

At The New School, we work to make this one-of-a-kind educational experience accessible to every family. We take great pride in providing several avenues for affordability, including:

  • Financial aid: The New School partners with FAST, a third-party financial aid processor for independent schools and colleges across the country. You may start filling out the financial aid form through this link once you’ve begun applying to The New School.
  • Sibling discount: For families with multiple students enrolled, we offer a 20% sibling discount after the first child.
  • Payment plans: We also provide payment plans, allowing you to divide the full cost of tuition by semester or pay on a monthly basis.


Awarded annually in tuition assistance


Percentage of student body receiving financial aid

“The New School is intellectually stimulating without all the stress of a hyper-competitive environment. Our teen is doing excellent work and enjoys learning. Equally valuable, he’s treated as an individual worthy of attention and respect, and he’s treating others — teachers and fellow students — in the same way. This mutual respect applies to the administration of the school, too, where reasonable decisions are made with care and thoughtfulness. The New School approach values individualism, community, and intellectual growth, which, taken together, create a perfect environment for healthy teen development.”

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Tuition Information

TUITION 2024-2025*
Grades 6-8$ 34,579 per year$ 400 per year
Grades 9-12$ 38,263 per year$ 400 per year
*There is a registration fee of $150
**For international students only, there is a $1,000 I-20 fee

We believe that the value we provide to students, and the payment options we offer, make it possible for your family to have a rewarding educational experience.

*Bus transportation to and from the Vienna Metro, and before and after school homework groups are optional and billed separately. Other optional expenses include international or domestic trips.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine if a family is eligible for reduced tuition?

Reduced tuition eligibility in our school is determined through FAST, a third-party financial aid processor. FAST looks at each family’s individual financial profile, such as income, assets and number of children, while also providing the opportunity for parents to explain special circumstances such as disabilities or medical expenses that may impact their ability to afford the full tuition.

Is there a cap on available financial assistance?

Yes. We work hard to make our school affordable for as many families as possible. Our financial aid awards run from January to May, and are rolling thereafter if funds are still available.

Is tuition assistance available for students in all grades?

Yes, tuition assistance is available for grades 6-12.

Could applying for tuition assistance diminish the chance of a student being accepted at your school?

Absolutely not. We want our school to work for as many families as possible, and we seek diversity in our student body.

Do we need to apply for financial aid every year?

Families need to apply every year for aid, but they may expect a similar award each year. We’re committed to making our school affordable long-term.

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As you consider private middle or high schools in Northern Virginia, we’re delighted you’re taking the time to learn more about The New School! To get a full glimpse of our beautiful campus and have an in-depth preview of our educational approach, we invite you to schedule a tour. It’s one of the best ways to envision how your child can thrive in our community.