Student Experience

The New School is designed for student involvement and diverse extracurricular opportunities.

Student Government

Our student government meets weekly to discuss topics of student and community interest and plan events, from the prom to guest speakers to field day. Most tellingly we have an all-school meeting every day, which is led by a member of the student government, and which is an open forum where any member of the community may make an announcement. We care about connectedness and student initiative; we all know, respect, and listen to one another, and everyone has an equal voice and matters within the school community.

Community Time

All of our students participate in student-led clubs, and we have a designated “community time” with clubs and events every other week as part of the school day. For us extracurriculars are about inclusion, options, and having fun. And because clubs are student-created, the possibilities are limitless, from debate, to baking, to rocketry, to anime, to current events, to chorus. The list goes on and on.

Popular clubs and events:
  • Faculty-Student Volleyball Tournament
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Prom
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Computer Programming
  • Theater Productions
  • Model UN

International Travel

Each year we travel the world. Our trips provide students an important opportunity to apply their foreign language skills and experience life on someone else’s terms. Our students return from studies and service abroad appreciative and energized by the sense of many paths in life and possibilities in the world.

Past trips and their focuses include:
  • Austria – Architecture and Design
  • Kenya – Community Service
  • Spain – Language and Culture
  • Peru – Community Service
  • Costa Rica – Marine Biology
  • Germany – Film and Culture
  • Ghana – Technical Training and Cultural Exchange

Teacher/Student Relationships

So much of the student experience revolves around positive teacher-student relationships. Teachers and students are on a first-name basis, and they share equally in our collective spirit of intellectual inquiry, community, and having fun.

The New School is a close-knit community where everyone knows each other.
It’s a place that showcases friendship and acceptance no matter what.

– NSNVA Student

class of 2026