Visit The New School

Our liberal and sciences arts curriculum empowers students to be active participants in the classroom, to engage with teachers as colleagues, and to develop a lifelong love of learning in an inclusive environment. Visit our beautiful wooded campus located in the heart of Fairfax to learn why we’re considered a unique educational gem in the Washington area.

Attend an Open House

We offer Open Houses every Friday from 11am-12pm throughout the school year, which feature a campus tour. Open Houses are a great chance to see our school in action as you drop in on classes, and they also give you the opportunity to ask questions as you go. Please let us know you’re coming if possible, but feel free to drop in at the last minute.

Schedule a Tour or a Meeting

In addition to Open Houses, we offer private tours and meetings with a member of our admissions team. For your convenience, these can be scheduled online (via Google Meet) or in person on our campus via the link provided. Private meetings are a great way to get to know the school better, or begin the enrollment process.