The New School is a thoughtful and inclusive community where students feel intellectually excited and challenged, and appreciated as individuals by their teachers and peers. Such thoughtfulness of mind and heart makes for a rich and happy school environment.

We are committed to small classes where teachers and students co-create the learning, and where teachers engage students in supportive conversations about their work and growth. Through class participation and dialogue with their teachers, our students learn to advocate for themselves and understand themselves as successful learners.

Our students love school because they are heard and appreciated by their teachers, they are valued members of their classes and school community, and there is a spirit of openness and calm that pervades our ethos.

Our curriculum focuses on applied learning and critical and creative thought, and is, we feel, an ideal preparation for college and life beyond. We know that giving students choices in the direction of their work fosters “ownership” – students feeling invested in their work, positive about themselves, and inspired to set higher expectations for their work.

We love visitors, and I warmly invite you to request a meeting and tour, or pop in to one of our weekly open houses, to learn more about our one-of-a-kind school.

It’s all about the students.