Grades 6-8

Inclusive Culture. Inspired Learning.

Middle School at The New School

Middle school is a time of self-discovery and greater independence. It’s a time for building friendships, increasing self-awareness, and seeing the world through new lenses.

A good middle school will uplift and challenge students, and teach them how to learn beyond the textbooks and facts. We encourage students to take charge of their own education, to persevere and be creative, and to become active agents of their growth. The New School is a private middle school with small classes, a welcoming community, dedicated teachers, and an inspiring approach to learning.

We invite you to discover our middle school.

Searching for a private school in Northern Virginia?

As you learn more about private school tuitions and consider options, we encourage you to take a closer look at The New School by downloading our brochure.


School Culture

A connected community where every student is valued.

At The New School, we believe that school culture is key to students blossoming and thriving. This is why we cultivate an environment that appreciates, values, and honors all.

At the New School, we emphasize…

Respect and equality.

We’re proud to say that our school is a place where our students feel safe — emotionally, intellectually and physically. We have an established culture of respect and kindness.

Our Spirit of the Classroom and Spirit of the Community statements are far more meaningful than a long list of rules. And we have a Student Life Enrichment Committee (SLEC), which aims to preserve the safety and wellbeing of every student.


The New School fosters an inclusive community where we deeply value relationships.

Our small classes allow teachers to truly know their students — the ways they learn, their strengths, and the areas where they’re challenged to grow. Teachers make sure that each student participates meaningfully in discussions and activities.

Being one’s authentic self.

Our culture is built on appreciation of each person’s unique attributes and strengths. We encourage students to express themselves honestly and openly so we can all benefit from their perspectives.

Our middle schoolers can form clubs that match their interests, help plan—and even take the lead on—school-wide events, and can influence school policies on such things as wellness and the environment.


Through athletic opportunities, theater, clubs, committees, and school-wide events, students learn to collaborate with one another to create our student life.

Leadership, engagement, and consideration for others are taught in various ways at The New School. Students grow in empathy through community service, where they learn the importance and value of giving back.

“We are impressed with the teachers at New School daily. Beyond admirable academic skills, their greatest strength is their approach to the teacher-student relationship. It balances compassion and coaching, empowers our son to take ownership of his learning, encourages his autonomy, and develops his character. Their transparent communications keep us very informed.”

Parents, Class of 2027


Small classes where students are engaged and inspired to dive deep into learning.

At The New School, we’ve taken a thoughtful approach to education, the kind that encourages true understanding of subject matter.

Academic Skills

For us, less is more. At The New School, we believe in authentic learning, where students go deep into core subjects and can pursue topics they’re passionate about. They’re inspired to ask questions, develop their own solutions to problems, and engage with others to sharpen their minds.


Our middle school students have multiple ways to grow as leaders. They may take on various roles and responsibilities, such as being Marketing & Development interns, holding Student Government positions, or organizing school events.

Growth Opportunities

At The New School, students discover newfound gifts or strengthen those they already possess. Some of our popular electives include Computer Programming, Horticulture, Theater, Art, and Architecture & Design, to name a few.

Teamwork & Inclusion

We value friendly competition and having fun. Our sports teams – soccer, volleyball, basketball, e-sports, softball — are open to all. As part of a league of small schools, students learn teamwork, develop physical skills, and engage with other players in the community.

High School Prep

Ready and excited for the next step.

By the time they finish eighth grade, our students not only have the academic and self-management skills they will need in the years ahead, but are comfortable with collaborating with their peers and teachers, with thinking critically and independently, and with just being themselves.


To own their education, students must learn how to set and achieve goals. We have a study skills program, where students learn about time management, accountability, planning, and self-discipline.


Students receive the right balance of challenge and support as they learn how to be responsible for their actions. Teachers communicate clearly, set expectations, and allow students to grow — through their mistakes and successes alike.


Middle school students meet with their advisors weekly or more often to share concerns and receive advice and encouragement on their progress. In June, they meet with their advisors to plan their schedules for the upcoming school year.

Visit Our Campus

As you consider the right private middle school in Northern Virginia, we invite you to visit our cozy, secure, and inviting campus. Students enjoy natural, wooded spaces to unwind, and a balanced school day of engaging classes and free time with friends.  During your tour, you’ll get to see our four buildings comprising of:

  • Middle and high school classrooms
  • Gym and fitness areas
  • Theater and art studio
  • Science center

You’ll also have the opportunity to pop into classes, get an in-depth understanding of our unique approach to education, and explore the many reasons why families choose The New School.