Who We Are

The New School is special for its unique academic program and sense of community, and for its spirit of inquiry, dialogue, and inclusiveness. Add to that list our collective good-humor, and you have a humane school that does not presuppose the individual, their answers to questions, the colleges and universities they attend, or the direction they ultimately take their lives.

A New School graduate is a skilled and dynamic learner prepared to solve new problems across the disciplines, from science and mathematics to the humanities and arts. And because we focus on reason, creativity, dialogue, and civility in a safe and non-judgmental space, our students emerge as centered individuals who are comfortable with themselves and confident in their readiness for life after graduation.

The heart of The New School is a cultivated culture of positive relationships. We are on a first-name basis school-wide, we have a daily all-school meeting, our extracurriculars are open to all, and teachers and students engage as friendly colleagues. We all know, respect and listen to one another. Our students are heard and appreciated by their teachers, and they are valued members of their classes and school community.

We’re a people school, and when people feel appreciated, trusted, and free to express themselves, they are at their best; they are thoughtful, open-minded, self-motivated, and kind.


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