International Program

At The New School we take pride in the diversity of our student body. Roughly one quarter of our students are from other countries, including but not limited to UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Colombia, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Japan, Kuwait, and Cambodia.

All classes are taught in English, giving international students a total immersion experience. We encourage them to speak English throughout the day as well as outside of school, as continuous practice is the key to truly learning a language.

Application Process

Step 1: Inquire

Contact The New School’s International Student Liaison (ISL), Janis Trizna, by phone (703-691-3040) or email: For more information, you can download our 30 Years of Learning brochure.

Step 2: Apply

To begin an application, please create an account in Finalsite, our online Admission portal. Your Finalsite account will enable you to complete the application process. The application fee is $50.

Step 3: Submit Transcript

A complete and official transcript should be sent directly from your child’s school to the New School. The transcript request form is available through your Finalsite account.

Step 4: Submit Recommendation Form

Once in Finalsite, you will be able to send teacher recommendation forms electronically to current English and math teachers. Two recommendations are needed.

Step 5: Interview

Janis, our international Student Liaison (ISL), will contact you to schedule a Skype interview with the applicant.

Visa Information

The New School will issue an I-20 after the enrollment contract and deposit of $1,000 have been received. The $1000 deposit will be applied toward the student’s tuition. *Please make sure that a copy of the student’s passport is uploaded to their application checklist so the I-20 can be completed.

International Tuition and Fees

TUITION 2024-2025
Grades 6-8 Tuition$34,579
Grades 9-12 Tuition$38,263
Book/Activities Fee$400
International Student Fee$1,000

Why Attend The New School?

Smaller Classes

Classes on average are 10 students per 1 teacher.


International students comment often on how kind, approachable, and communicative our teachers are. Most of our teachers have been at the New School for over 12 years and many possess advanced degrees. They are passionate about the subjects they teach and love making connections with their students.


During Spring break, students have the opportunity to go on different teacher-led travel trips. Past trips have included Peru, Thailand, Kenya, England, Italy, Morocco, Cosat Rica, Canada, Grand Canyon, Germany, Iceland, France, and Spain. Many of our International students have attended these trips and they are excellent ways to make friends and learn about other cultures.


Volleyball, soccer, basketball, and softball…sports bring students together! Everyone who wants to learn a sport and be part of a team is able to play. Teams meet after school for practices and travel to other schools to play games. Our international students have been active participants on all of our sports teams. There is also ample opportunity for additional sports playing during clubs, lunch, and essential time.


Our goal as a school is to fully prepare our students to become ready to enter college and succeed. This is accomplished in many ways. Our morning classes culminate with students presenting their answers to a critical question. These are 20-minute exhibitions that the student presents three times/year and a senior exhibition of 60 mins. In addition, they write research papers yearly answering a critical question from their classes.

Class Environment: Our Humanities classes center around class discussions where everyone’s opinion is heard and respected. Our art classes allow our students to explore all aspects of art following their passions.

Leadership opportunities: clubs, student government positions, school internships

Advisories: Students meet weekly in their small-group advisories. They review their classes and grades, goals, opportunities, and well-being.

Community: students are encouraged and required to earn 60 hours of volunteer hours before graduating.