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We know that the #1 factor in a student’s growth and happiness is the teacher. And when our students reflect on their New School experience, the first comment is always the same: I love my teachers.

New School teachers are dedicated to working with students. Our collaborative model encourages students to self-advocate, set higher standards for their work, and believe in themselves as successful learners.

Our faculty is invested and stable, with typically 100% of our teachers returning year after year, making The New School their career-home. Like the students, our teachers enjoy their days and share in our collective spirit of good-humor, community, and intellectual excitement.

We’re a people school, and when people feel appreciated, trusted, and free to express themselves, they are at their best; they are thoughtful, open- minded, self-motivated, and kind.

NSNVA Parent

class of 2027

We are impressed daily with the teachers. Beyond admirable academic skills, their greatest strength is their approach to the teacher-student relationship. It balances compassion and coaching, empowers our son to take ownership of his learning, encourages his autonomy, and develops his character. Their transparent communications keep us very informed.

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