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International Day of Women and Girls in Science

By Erika Choi Recently, the number of females in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) field has increased, and almost half of women are in the science profession. However, STEM fields are dominated by males in general, including in the US. Women only make up 10% of the engineering field, and the stated reason…

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More Thoughts on Public Speaking

By Sarosh Parvez During the first quarter of this school year, I took a class in Public Speaking and Debate. I’d figured that I needed a bit more practice in speaking in general. Every time my parents invite their friends over, I just look down and shake their hands like the most socially awkward kid.…

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Thoughts on Public Speaking and Debate

By Erika Choi In Q1 2020, I took a “Public Speaking and Debate” class with Virginia. This class was on how to speak in public properly and talked about the ability to convey the argument to audiences. I hesitated a little to choose this class because I wasn’t good at speaking, and I never had…

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On the 2020 Presidential Election

By Erika Choi and Taylor Jones Students in Henry and Eden’s Q1 Afternoon Mod “The Presidential Election” reflected on their experience. Erika Choi writes: “As an international student, I haven’t had the opportunity to learn about American politics. Also, I had no interest, and didn’t know why I needed to know about politics. I had…

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