Portrait of the Graduate

The New School is special for many reason — for its unique academic program and sense of community, for its spirit of inquiry, dialogue, and inclusiveness. Add to that list our collective good-humor, and what you have is a humane school that does not presuppose the individual, their conclusions to questions, the colleges and universities they attend, and the direction they ultimately take their lives.

A New School graduate is a skilled and dynamic learner; an individual prepared to solve new problems across the disciplines, from science and mathematics, to the humanities and arts. And because we focus on reason, creativity, dialogue, and civility in a safe and non-judgmental space, our students emerge centered and confident, and simply happy and comfortable with themselves.

There is no greater empowerer than an education, backed by a school culture, that provides that space for students to express their ideas, hone their academic skills, and grow into the people they wish to be.

We love visitors and welcome the opportunity to discuss in depth our one-of-a-kind program.

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